Security Appraisal and Valuation

Security appraisal relates to machinery and equipment, ship, aircraft, vehicles and similar assets. It covers appraisal of movable goods that have a certain economic value and that can be converted into money.

A professional team of mechanical engineers and industrial engineers take part in appraisal of equipment pools, and perform surveys and examinations at premises and facilities in line with their expertise. At this point, our experts determine market value of the industrial facility equipment and tools based on type, quantity, assortment, current condition, economic and technological depreciation, capacity, technology, and market value as it appears from invoice records.

Reel Gayrimenkul A.Ş., has long years of experience in the following services.

Services for Machinery and Equipment Appraisal:

Powerships, ships, yachts and cruisers,

Appraisal of machinery and equipment at plants and mills,

Appraisal of cement power plants /facilities,

Appraisal of equipment pools at the industrial plants,

Appraisal of hotel equipment,

Appraisal of fuel oil station equipment,

Appraisal of Wind Power Plants – WPP,

Appraisal of Hydroelectric Power Stations – HPP.

Appraisal Request Form

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