Feasibility Surveys

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Tekirdağ - Kapaklı

Value appraisal and investment feasibility of a twenty five-year usufructuary right of İkizgöller Recreation Area at Kapaklı of Tekirdağ

Rize - Çayeli

Preliminary Feasibility of a build-operate-transfer model of Çayeli Terminal function in Rize

İstanbul - Eyüp

Eyüp Askeri Alanın fizibilitesi


Feasibility of land areas at Büyükçekmece

Başyapıt Dragos

Project Goodwill, Appraisal, and Sharing

Ege Yapı

Kordon Project Appraisal and Sharing

Fema İnşaat

Hospital Project Appraisal in Ankara / Çankaya

İzmir TRT Premises

Premises Feasibility

Karadeniz Holding

Land Area Feasibility of Gebze TOE

Koru Otel - Best Use

Best Use Analysis

Pendik YTONG

Land Feasibility – Appraisal

Land Area Feasibility at Beylikdüzü

Best and Most Effective Use Survey

Beyoğlu Zafer Han

Hotel Feasibility

Kartal Project

Goodwill of four parcels, and parcel amalgamation to be followed by preliminary project flat share-out

Keçiören Private Hospital Feasibility

Feasibility for a Private Hospital Function in Ankara/Keçiören

Maltepe Land Feasibility

Land Feasibility and Appraisal

Şişli University Hospital

Project Development and Appraisal

Ümraniye Carrefour Land Area Feasibility

Land Area Feasibility and Appraisal

Best Use Analysis for a Land Area in Yalova

Best Use Analysis of a Land Area in Merkez District of Yalova